DocsRobot – your documents robot

DocsRobot – your documents robot

Your robot for documents

MS Documents Generator -create repeating Docs by combining an original word doc and values entered in a digital form


  • Save Time





Create new documents in seconds, instead of through the lengthy process of making a copy from old documents and replacing its content

  • Avoid omissions and errors

It is far easier to fill information into a digital Form and have this information merged to the right location in a complex document, than to fill the document itself

  • Everything on Track
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • keeps you engaged and happy
  • Reduce paper cost


  • MS-Word documents generator – real magic!

The main feature of the service allows you to generate MS-Word documents with repetitive content, in a fraction of the time it takes you today, and with no errors or omissions!The generated documents will look exactly like the documents you’re used to create manually – with your branding, styles, content you’ve learned that must be included, etc. Just creating them will be much easier.

  • Sending digital-forms as link to 3rd party 

The documents-generator allows you to create “digital forms” for data entry. You can use same mechanism to create digital forms for data entry by 3rd parties (clients, suppliers, etc.).
Forms are created easily – selecting a “skin”, adding different types of “fields” (text, numbers, tables), etc. The forms are also very easy to use for the data entry process.
Simply send the form-type as a link to any 3rd party, and get it back in your system full of information typed in, to be used for documents generation or any other purpose allowed by the system

  • Quick and Easy


It is a bit limited, but many find it sufficient. It’s free now. It will be free forever! 

  • Light Plan-If you want any of the following benefits, among others, consider using our best value-to-money LIGHT edition (starting from 12 USD per month only):Do more than the free-edition limits: generate more than 5 documents per month, save more than 2 types of Forms, generate multiple documents from a single Form, etc.…Save “records” of data you used for generating documents, for history and re-use Use flags in Forms to choose “sections” to include in the document