Offshore development center & extension for high-tech companies

Accelerate development

  • Create more products
  • Quickly expand existing product features
  • Fix issues faster
  • Shorten time-to-market

Be flexible with resources

  • Add resources when required, remove when not…
  • Create powerful mix: development, research, quality control, graphic design

Need more reasons?

  • Create your own innovation center
  • Reduce employment costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employees retention

Quality and liability – Israeli

Price? Indian!

Our service: we'll create for you an Offshore Development Center/Extension

We'll help you locate, hire, and manage best professionals for your Web/Mobile/Hybrid software (Offshore center/extension), and retain them for a long time

Ads in job portals and social media, where we have strong presence;
Job Fairs in universities

Online tests tailored for each technology: screening unwanted candidates with minimal effort

Professional interviews tailored for each technology, HR interviews

Best office space;
ongoing HR services – events, activities, consultancy;
Gurus to consult with and learn from

Why us? Because we'll help you succeed with your projects!

We'll provide consulting and management of full life-cycle software development, and help guide your project to success, by setting up these goals and implementing the following processes Deliverables: As requested by client - Marketing Requirements Document, Products Requirement Document, Requirement analyzed to Epics/User-Stories/Tasks, Sprints planning

Goal: Find all actors/stakeholders required to assist in the planning and testing


  • Interview managers who’ll need to use the app’s data, to get correct list of actors/ stakeholders;
  • Shine on critical questions you need to answer before you start

Goal: Extract all functional and non-functional requirements, whether actors identify them on their own or not


  • Professional product-manager-level interviews with actors, aided by mock-ups of pages, to make the process simple;
  • Assign priorities & rationale to requirements to choose only those to develop within time and budget allocated

Goal: Develop the software to precisely match the requirements


  • Derive features & user-stories from requirements, with links between each other, and attached mock-ups;
  • Define first “sprints” by priority, then arrange next sprints while developing

We offer several "levels" you can choose from, for your involvement in management of the extension/center

Choose how much of the day to day management you wish to do yourself, and leave the rest to Assembly

Tell us the nature of the employees you require; We will locate candidates, help you interview them, recruit the ones you choose as Assembly’s employees, and assigns them office space and communications infrastructure.

Everything else: you will managed yourself

We’ll locate candidates and hire them, but also purchase equipment for them, and provide them with HR services as is customary in India, both administrative (like attendance) and professional (events, welfare, encouraging productivity, tax consultancy, etc.)

You only need to communicate with them for the daily tasks and deliverables. We’ll take care of all the rest.

You only work with us directly, here in Israel, in Hebrew, defining your requirements;

Anything else is on us – we assign our own employees, manage them fully (Administrative & professional), and deliver the product / project which you requested, according to the requirements, and on time

Achieving business goals

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Quick response to every requirement; expanding product features; developing more versions; fixing bugs quickly…

Innovation-based Competitive advantage

  • Harnessing high-end technologies that are not part of company’s expertise

Increase employees satisfaction (Focus)

  • Focus local teams on profitable work
  • Local teams improve and extend products, rather than maintaining them

Cost reduction

  • For the same cost of one programmer in Israel, get 2-3 developers in India, at the same level of knowledge, or create a mixed service that includes development, technology research, quality control, and graphic design!

Unique Benefits of Assembly

15 years of experience in India

  • 15 years of experience with Indian professionals: we understand their culture, and know what drives them.

Israeli warranty, local service

  • The service has an “owner” in Israel, speaking Hebrew, who guarantees high quality, and works closely with the customer to provide for his needs.

Best office space and HR services

  • Hiring and retaining employees in India is a complex and unique challenge.
  • Assembly knows how to convince them to join, and then provides great environment to make them stay.

Convenient hour difference; English-speaking teams

  • Three hours difference only: Convenience of working together during office hours
  • We only employ excellent English-speaking developers and teams

Challenges of remote development in India and the solutions of Assembly

Communication and Monitoring

  • Experienced, English-fluent project managers allocated
  • Communication and control infrastructure provided
  • You’ll feel like the team is in your office in Israel!

Developing in English, using in Hebrew

  • We provide development and testing environments that enable English-speaking programmers to develop an interface in Hebrew.
  • Our developers are experienced in developing Multi-Lingual RTL / LTR

Mixed teams: Client's country + India

  • Code is saved in the cloud (Private GIT repos, TFS).
  • Development methodologies support mixed teams (Agile / Scrum)

Application Types, Technologies, and Integrations