Software development for entrepreneurs

We offer software development services for entrepreneurs

As veteran entrepreneurs ourselves, we deeply understand the entrepreneurial process from idea to success

We believe, first and foremost, in the principle of “protecting” the entrepreneurs in their first steps: we’ll help them choose the critical functionality for the first stage, postponing everything else to the next step; we’ll help plan activities required for launch; and we’ll make sure what we develop matches precisely to what the entrepreneurs had in mind

Develop mobile and internet apps with Israeli quality and liability, but with Indian prices

Assembly develops mobile and Internet apps in Israeli quality and liability, but with Indian prices, as it has a development department in India, which is managed from Israel. All the software developed by the company in the last 14 years has been created in India

You, as entrepreneurs, can purchase “development services” by the hours or as part-time full-time resources, at Indian prices, but with Israeli quality, when we, the Israelis, work with you and are responsible for all the deliverables you receive!

Long and well-balanced experience – at your service!

We have been developing several business software products for ourselves (contract management, knowledge management, etc.), in India, since 2004. Our products are used by leading business clients: Israeli government, hi-tech companies, hospitals, factories etc.

A software company which sells products has a fundamental advantage, for you entrepreneurs, over a projects-only company, as it is required to support software that it develops over time, so knows how to develop reliable and high-quality code!

We can also help you monitoring and managing development activities carried out by 3rd Party

Once you have decided to develop with someone, it is best to have someone to “protect” you: to help you formulate the requirements in a clear way, to help you check the conformity of development products with the requirements, to look at the code and to make sure it is written correctly / maintainable / effective.

If you need a right-hand to represent you in with the development firm – we’d love to help! We will establish a development environment parallel to that of the development firm, and we will keep the evolving source code, for control, and so that if at any point you want to disconnect, the control is entirely in your hands

Types of entrepreneurs who can benefit from Assembly's services…

  • Assembly will carry out a series of focused, short, and professional interviews – gathering your requirements, helping you decide what to implement in the first phase, and illuminate issues that need to be addressed.
  • Assembly will prepare the requirements for development, assign tasks, ensure product quality, and you will accompany the development until completion.
  • To succeed, you need someone who understands the process of development and can become your “technological partner”.
  • Assembly will manage the entire development process for you – from researching requirements, to product analysis and design, and of course to the management of development & testing, and allocating and managing infrastructure for the product to run.
  • To succeed, you need a “force multiplier” – high-quality low-cost development team, to help you with the development, under your guidance and supervision.
  • Assembly will provide you with developers, and you can assign work to them at your convenience.
  • You don’t need to leave the source of your livelihood – you can do so when the product is ready

What can you accomplish with Assembly's services?

Quick prototype for investment

  • Prototype development is either essential for recruitment, or it significantly increases the value of your startup at the time of investment.
  • Assembly enables rapid prototype development
  • A test whether the idea is feasible enables the entrepreneur to prove to himself and others that it is worthwhile to move forward.
  • Assembly provides development focused on feasibility proof
  • In the first phase, focus on developing the core idea, up to an initial limited launch or investment
  • Retaining knowledge until continued development is made possible, and then the expending the team or handing it over to a development center set up by the entrepreneurs

Before we start…

We'll help you prepare for development in a way which will ensure your success

  • Goal: Find all actors/stakeholders required to assist in the planning and testing’


  • Interview managers who’ll need to use the app’s data, to get correct list of actors/ stakeholders;
  • Shine on critical questions you need to answer before you start
  • Goal: Extract all functional and non-functional requirements, whether actors identify them on their own or no


  • Professional product-manager-level interviews with actors, aided by mock-ups of pages, to make the process simple;
  • Assign priorities & rationale to requirements to choose only those to develop within time and budget allocated
  • Goal: Develop the software to precisely match the requirements


  • Derive features & user-stories from requirements, with links between each other, and attached mock-ups;
  • Define first “sprints” by priority, then arrange next sprints while developing

What we do...

Internet applications

Templates-based, responsive, fast responding, high efficiency

Mobile apps

Mobile phones and tablets, iOS, Android, and Hybrid (angular + NativeScript)

Real-time updates

Chats, mobile notifications, auto-updated dashboards


Knowledge and experience with complex algorithms (maps, language processing)

Hosting and maintenance

Host and maintain apps for clients – cloud services, databases, …

Anything you may need

What characterizes systems we develop?

Precisely analyzed

software developed precisely matches requirements

Well designed

Positive user experience and appealing graphic design: a key to success

Well managed

Quick response to changes in requirements; Allowing customer involvement throughout all stages


QA Services ensure launch free from critical bugs and quick fixes thereafter

Cutting-edge technologies

Modern looks, fast response, load-resistant, always with the most advanced technologies available

Hybrid and cross-platforms

Responsive and hybrid apps – developed once for Web, iOS and Android simultaneously